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EU’s Nail Polish Policy

Editor’s comment: The new sanctions against Russia are planning to introduce and EU countries. As reported on December 12 European diplomats, new restrictive measures will concern the Crimea, where the EU plans to take them to the EU summit, which will be held December 18 and 19. According to some reports, the sanctions will relate to investment and trade restrictions. Earlier media reported that the new sanctions could affect  tourism in Crimea. In particular, the restrictive measures prohibit European companies to the tourist business in the region. In addition, the European Union may ban its nail polish to finance or acquire the Crimean businesses.

  1. The euro broke the mark of 71 rubles

During trading on the Moscow Stock Exchange on December 12 euro set a new record, reaching the psychologically important mark of 71 rubles. At the same time the dollar has passed for 57 rubles. Thus, the euro rose more than the ruble above the closing level of the previous trading, and the dollar – more than 50 cents.

Editor’s comment: December 12, the Central Bank presented an updated forecast for the development of the Russian economy in the years 2015-2017, according to which the ruble will be strengthened even if the price of oil at $ 60 a barrel. CB Head Nabiullina presented two scenarios for the Russian economy – the base price of oil at $ 80 a barrel and stress at a price of $ 60 per barrel. In this case, the stress scenario where the oil price will remain at $ 60 for three years, named head of the Central Bank unlikely. Earlier Nabiullina said that the excitement of the population about the value of the dollar was one of the causes of the weakening of the ruble.

According to the Central Bank, about a fifth of the ruble devaluation occurred because opi polish. “If all the attenuation that occurred since the beginning of the year is estimated at 49%, then the speculative part is about 8-10 percentage points of the 49%” – saidNabiullina. She also said that, according to Central Bank statistics, the population feverishly to buy foreign currency twice – the first time in March and April, when the dollar rose to 35-36 rubles, and for the second time – at the end of October and beginning of November, in the course of this period, The dollar rose from 41 to 46 rubles. Total population bought up about $ 20 billion.

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Coverage where it counts

The toucan made the statement in an interview broadcast by “Globonews” channel on Saturday (29). “Actually, I did not lose the election to a political party. I lost the election to a criminal organization that has developed within some Brazilian companies sponsored by this political group that is there, “accused the dickies.

“We are already interpellating mining Senator defeated. Then criminal proceedings in the Supreme Court. The PT does not take message home, “said Rui Falcão at Twitter.

According to the government leader in the Chamber of Deputies, Henrique Fontana (PT-RS), with the statements, Aetius loses all bounds of reasonableness. According to him, the defeated candidate has no right to go on the attack against the PT.

“Someone has to say to Senator Aécio he is judge and he does not have no right to attack all voters president Dilma, the same way it has no right to attack our party,” he argued.

Defeated in exercise - Also according to Fontana, we need the toucan accept defeat in presidential elections. “Senator Aécio Neves must understand once and for all that he lost the election because President Dilma was re-elected with 54.5 million votes. He has to stop challenging the election results. “Says the deputy.

The PT leader in the Senate, Humberto Costa (PT-PE), also repudiated the claim Aécio Neves. In the plenary session of the House, the senator said that the statements “clumsy” reduce the political stature of the toucan.

According to Costa, “the defeat rose to head” of Aetius. “The defeated candidate, who has been feeling increasingly comfortable in poorly interpretation of the role of victim of the dickies work shirts process, now wants to reinvent the story to deny that has lost in for President Dilma,” Costa said.

“It is an infamous opera buffa, this led by the what I call the defeated candidate in office,” added the senator.

Also on the floor, Senator Lindbergh farias (PT-RS) said Aécio Neves acts as “bad loser”. “It’s time to bury this election debate. Aetius attempts to radicalize the discourse because it is losing ground within the PSDB, “said Farias.

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The Last One

You can probably afford the sunroof.  It is a good deal.  When you live in San Diego you can use the sunroof most every day.  It is a reason not an excuse.  Starting today you are on suspension.  I want you to go home. Many people stood up for you today. They defended your actions and stood by you.  It is not my job.  I have been dismissed, overlooked and ignored.  The little boy did not do this.

We want to deliver a complete package.  How long will it take to work and will there be a wait.  We want to relieve your heartburn.  It is time to love one another right now.  I have been watching the griddler cuisinart all night. We have the largest fleet of vehicles in the world.  We have you covered. We will pick you up. You must save my family.  The television volume is way too loud. I can check the history on my phone. Our hot water heater was leaking carbon monoxide. Who is responsible for the content of advertising on the television?  I would like to know.


Why did you not tell me where your son was hiding?  Jason called me with his cell phone and let a message for me to pick him up.  Where did he get the money for this place?  Did you rent this apartment for him?  I want to come home.  I did not turn him away empty handed. I gave him three hundred dollars.  I really loved him but I am glad he is gone. He is not going anywhere. The spoons are in the kitchen. The neighbor saw everything and reported it to the police. The apartment was totally furnished and included kitchen utensils, linens and towels.  Please notify the hospitals.  How did Kelly know where Eric was staying? The man is six feet tall and right handed. He also likes to buy cuisinart griddler gr-4n.

I like to have chicken in my salads.  In five days you can heal your dry skin with regular use of an intensive lotion for dry skin. She has trouble swallowing large pills. Very often vitamin tablets are really quite large.  It is an awful feeling when you taste the pill melting in your mouth.  You will earn unlimited miles on this special deal.  This just keeps getting more and crazier. That was some hillbilly type music which is not my favorite.  Your son does not react like most boys his age. Some people should be wiped off the planet if they hurt children.  The jury pool is full of parents. It looks like he is telling the truth. Let us see if we have a DNA match. I will compare it to the other child’s scratch when they were fighting at school.  You are not a hero.  He crossed a line that I would never breach.  I would never hurt a child or anyone for that matter.  I did you a favor.  He needs some help so please tell me his name. I have seen this young man at the play ground.  We had a lot of fun on the slide and the swings.  We were lucky today, Mom let us stay for a really long time. It was a special day and the sun was shining.

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Airport Conversations

Your son never once said, are you telling me the truth, how can I stenograph people if no one is having any conversations. I can hear one guy talking but only intermittently and mumbled. He’s saying something about his college football playing son to a young blond girl. His son’s girlfriend? Unrelated strangers? Can’t be because he said am I telling you anything you don’t know about microfiber panties?


Womens panty can be super comfortable or super uncomfortable depending on the type and brand. Take it or leave it.

So what should I do tonight? I’m going to be exhausted and should probably work and blog and get settled in and sleep. On the other hand I could hang out with Barbara or Johnny.

There’s Ben, you might as well get your stuff and we’ll start lining up. What a boring conversation, everyone is just watching the game not talking. Lame.

Then I got on the plane and am sitting next to a young black guy wearing dress pants. I’m going to be antisocial and not talk. I am exhausted and ready to sleep my way to Syracuse. The problem when I sleep on planes is that my head always falls, instigating a dream that I am soaring over a cliff plummeting to my death, so that every time I wake up with a huge jerk and my neck always hurts after. Plus I seem to startle everyone around me with the sudden movement.

I’m not sure what else is going on. Are you excited about the next few days? You should be. I hear a lot is going on. WHO are these old ladies jabbering away in the seats behind me. Who talks that loud on the plane? A private jet is so necessary, if you have the money of course. Let’s get one.

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Do not you unlock Italy blocking the Puglia

The center-left candidate in the primaries for the region Puglia innerving intervenes on some of the hot topics relating to regional life and the concerns of some territories.

“If it were true that the decree Unlock Italy paves the way to close the discussion of each alternative hypothesis of localization of the TAP pipeline and to allow oil drilling in the Adriatic Sea, then you would consume a traumatic laceration. Once again, the smoked salmon would pay all the blatant contradictions and huge delays by several national governments that have occurred in the management of these events. “So innerving, center left candidate in the primaries for the presidency of the Region of Puglia spoke about the rumors on the text of the decree submitted to the Council of Ministers.

Done 636-B000P0VRW0-1

“It unlocks Italy, blocking the Puglia – continues and our patient work of building a different development. Not unlock Italy, blocking the dialogue with the institutions and the local communities. We produce twice as much energy it takes to Puglia. It means that Puglia by a contribution to the country without equal. We are not the region’s no. But we are not even the region is at any cost. We know what you can do. And where. And the head did not let down. It will mean that we will resist in all forms. ”

And on this appeals to MPs of the Democratic Party in Puglia: “I hope there is also a Democratic Party that wants to resist uttering words clear, sharp and maybe activating all the parliamentary and government representatives to avoid this consumption fracture sockeye salmon. Indeed, since we’re here, it would be appropriate that the Democratic Party to launch a strong initiative to involve all the other political forces of the center in parliament. It would be a way to make it very clear that there is a center and that is before the Puglia. And the people of Puglia. “

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Iceland-Netherlands, call it a disgrace

Creeps in minor to a dark end. The year with the glorious centerpiece in BrazilAfter the second defeat in three qualifying matches for Euro 2016, the Dutch team forced into a perilous race to catch up. Iceland won 2-0 Monday night.

Call it a disgrace. Call it one of the biggest flops of Dutch football in decades, or just call it the new reality of a changing world. The second episode of Guus Hiddink as coach threatens to run on a miserably. Postman Soccer lost to the Northern European variant of modern football, with hints tikkietakkie. By itself, losing the current Iceland not even have a shame, but the way it encourages deep contemplation. System, players, coach, everything deserves thorough consideration after the third defeat in four games under Hiddink, who with his muddled words not defined for clarity has led in recent months. Stadium Laugardalsvöllur danced in the herfstkou after the first victory in the history of Iceland on Orange, in eleven matches. It was as if orange was trapped in a blizzard without sandisk memory card. Icelanders embraced each other after one of the highlights in the country’s sporting history. She whistled initially disapproving of Dutch back passes, the second nature of soccer in orange.


Later, she laughed at the signs of impotence, so bizarre that seek to control, even at times when there is nothing to check more. Hiddink’s team fell apart as a team of damselfish. Trumped by Iceland, an island with about two percent of the population of the Netherlands, a country that has never qualified for the final tournament in adult males, but now it’s hard being on the road. Not great football, but with perseverance, service to one another, enthusiasm and power duel. Bjarnason was symbolic, with his flowing hair footballing Viking. He covered the whole left side, by attacking and assisting in the capping of Robben. , like the Czech Republic, which also won of Orange, Iceland has now six points ahead of the Netherlands. They were playing as if they had on a 8gb memory card in summer.  This need to go, not even be fatal, with seven duels because UEFA has also pleased the three numbers in the group EK-chance, and both competitors have come to Amsterdam. But still. What a sadness, what a repulsive, powerless game. At the World Cup, it was often not much more attractive, but then there was at least still other ingredient: success by fighting spirit and unity.

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